There are specific times you will need consulting on my areas of expertise: Going Global, Marketing and Digital Transformation, Product Management, Product and Service Strategy. You start or grow into new markets, you sell or buy, you want to position yourself in new markets. Due to unpredictable circumstances, critical resources have failed. Whatever the situation, you need fast-paced support with a “hands-on” mentality. Regardless of whether you are a niche player, an SME, a start-up, or an international corporation—my expertise and experience are indispensable.


Interim Manager

In different phases of company development, for problems which the know-how of a specialist is needed for more than just a few days, or when existing management wants to help with the execution of special tasks, I personally, or with my team of specialists, can serve as the perfect complement to your organization’s management. For a defined period of time, you can access my resources. This can be from a few weeks to several months. Especially in the area of company transfers and successions as well as purchases or sales of parts of companies (or entire companies) interim management can offer needed support to a company’s existing management.

Consulting / Consultant

As a consultant, I can work for you with or without a core team over a defined period of time—from analysis, to planning of strategic measures, to implementation in the company. My consulting service is based on the European Standard EN16114, which was developed by Europe’s leading consultants ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) and FEACO (European Federation of Management Consultancies) in collaboration with the European standardization institute CEN.

Managing Director

As managing director or as a member of the executive board, I assume the operational and economic responsibility for the implementation of the company goals. This can be done on behalf of investors as part of a post-merger integration or takeover, in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in unsolved successor arrangements, or in the introduction of the next generation. Of course, the management can also work within the community or in addition to the existing team, in particular with the support of complex projects and special projects such as business expansion, internationalization, restructuring or restructuring.

Supervisory Board / Advisory Board/ Board Member

The professionalization of supervisory boards is becoming increasingly important. The current staffing method is often based on a variety of selection criteria, but is often not in the interests of the shareholder or other stakeholders, and often not even for the benefit of the company. I already work as a technical expert in various supervisory bodies (Advisory Councils) and am thus active in an advisory and controlling role in the interests of the owner in a goal-oriented, order-based and positive business development.

Start Up Accelerator

My job as an accelerator is to help a company startup in a short time, to grow, and arrive to a concrete position. Work must start quickly, and the break-even point must be reached quickly. Concrete goals need a clear matrix to accomplish this. In addition to strategic corporate management and partial investments, my focus is also on coaching, mentoring, and also in providing infrastructure when needed.