Marketing & Digital

Marketing & Digital Transformation

You are developing, wanting to enter new markets, or simply in need of  fast, simple, powerful, and modern marketing. So-called “digital experts” are available, but often lack the experience and intuition to understand markets and lead teams. True leadership and know-how of both worlds is in high demand.

Digital Transformation

In many companies of the old economy, the marketing has overlooked the zeitgeist of today. There are many causes for this, but global transformation is rapidly taking place.

With the modern tools of marketing automation, marketing engages with customers—as well as partner-oriented company processes—almost constantly. The days when the marketing department was responsible for colorful pictures and catchy slogans are long gone.

Managing an old and a new crowd

Online marketing, social media, performance marketing… How are the new disciplines to integrate with old responsibilities? Is social media a global tool or a regional one? Terms like “customer life cycle” have been replaced with “customer journey” and “customer experience management.” That’s great, but who makes the content? Who will correctly understand the customer’s journey? How do interdisciplinary teams work?

Going international

Whoever wants to enter new markets must know their home market. Every hidden champion and every niche player must know their strategic success factors and those of the competitors. Every internet company must also screen its core market. Together, we create online and offline go-to-market strategies, global guidelines for channel partners and positioning criteria.

Global Branding

“Think global, act local,” or is it the other way around? Are uniform logos, claims, subjects, and testimonials effective all around the world? What do you do when a partner wants to set up his own marketing strategy? All companies need a global marketing plan. Together, we set up global branding guidelines and partner marketing criteria for holistic positioning.

Marketing Information Systems

Who owns the CRM? Which processes are sensible? Are marketing information systems a part of marketing or do they belong to IT or sales? What must internal collaboration tools be able to do? Are partners even “internal”?