Going Global

Going Global

Your company is expanding. You plan to take over a competitor, and you are face to face with the mergers and acquisitions process. New markets are about to open up. You have an idea in mind for a startup. In times of rapid growth and international business models, professional management and expert support are essential.


The path to new markets requires special care. Whether products, services, branding, and market positions will succeed in all markets is an all-important question. However, the organization itself now needs advanced processes, structures, and a masterplan. The most important are internationalization strategies and roadmaps.

Hidden Champions

Globalization is the most important driver of growth of Hidden Champions and niche players. Economies of scale, market leadership, customers, competitors, and markets are the goal. Standards and benchmarks underpin the theme of leadership.

Growth Plans

Growth wants to be learned. Business plans, marketing plans, go-to-market routes, searching and building distribution channels, business development, adaptive product and price strategies, reporting implementation.

Merger & Acquisitions

The purchasing and selling of an organization must be well planned. I offer advising, hands-on support, and preparation through each step of the M&A process related to product management and marketing as well as positioning and branding—both for investors and sellers.